Explain that these things don't have forelegs and are wyverns, not dragons.

"By Merlin is that Featguy? Did you invite Featguy? Why did you bring Featguy into this, I had this under control!"
"Heatguy, you don't even know what This is. You're immature, you have no idea what we're trying to do here."
"You already said what you were doing! There's a crater and a dead guy and a demon with a heart for a head that... look at this! It is NOT rampaging! So you don't need to stop it! Wow! Your job is done, you can leave now!"

Featguy, master of the moustache, more successful brother of Heatguy, starts at this point waving at the blue-haired wizard in a currently futile attempt to get her attention.
"More bad assumptions. This is why your brother here exceeds you. Featguy looks and listens instead of making a fake reality in his head. We are not here to destroy this rampaging monster. There is a prophecy about this beast, you see. They say he will bring the end of either our nation or the Diamonds. So, mister heart man, we are here to recruit you to our side and send you against our strongest enemies. Do you accept or will we have to... what is it Featguy?"
"Are you still callin that a dragon?"
"You're going to tell me again that it's a wyvern."
"Cos it IS a wyvern. Got no legs, see."
"The Queen calls it a dragon, it's a dragon and that's that. Heart man. Will you join us in battle against the Spades, the Clubs and most importantly the Diamonds? If not we will have to defeat you for our own sake."

If you're reading this correctly, this means that these wizards probably are here on behalf of a group called the Hearts. You want to find your former buddy Spades so you can give him a good dose of death... maybe he is with this "the Spades" group? You could use this supposed battle as an opportunity to find the guy. But you also don't like being told what to do. What will you do?
[Go and fight other people somewhere else / Stay and fight these 'Hearts' people]

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Featguy and Heatguy, talk about how glad you are that Teatguy isn't here.