Recap SFWH

Two stick figures arrived out of nowhere into this world of magic and mayhem. One with a heart for a head, another with a spade. Both shallowly explored the vicinity of their arrival. One found and harvested an ally, the other found and robbed an indestructible box. One found a great adversary, the other found two warring parties. Both dispatched the combatants before them with utmost ease.

Franz Heatguy was introduced in the midst of his frantic defense of his territory from an enemy invasion. He was dueling one of the interlopers who could almost match him. Had the fight continued he would have tasted victory. For reasons inexplicable he decided to autodefenestrate out of the battlefield shortly before two greater foreigners made their presence known to him via explosion. He is currently investigating this event.

Clubs and Diamonds did some things. I don't know what, I haven't been able to see it. These happenings are invisible to my many eyes.

I'll also tell you what happens for the remainder of the story.

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Spoil SFWH