How far is the fall down that ledge?

[-] telaxius suggested:

How far is the fall down that ledge? Grab a stone or something and throw it off. Tell us how much later you hear a thump.

It's very low. There's a shallow river down there. You could stick your hand in and poke the bottom if you wanted to. Hell, you could climb down, do some sort of jig and climb out with ease.

[-] tofurkinator suggested:

Question why your head is shaped like a heart.

The answer is simple.

Your head is a heart because you are destined to lead great armies to victory! Armies of at least four members! Armies of at least three competent members! You have done it before and sure as the heart on your shoulders you are going to do it again!

[-] Posho suggested:

Well, what about going inside one of the houses?

[-] telaxius suggested:

Investigate the houses.

Okay, let's have a look in this house over here.

Who the devil is this lass? She seems a tad surprised about something.

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Lick the candle


[-] Lukasmah suggested:

Lick the candle