So sayeth Yokcos:

The two thousand and twenty fourth year is upon us

And with it comes a Fishticuffs update. While it was previously mentioned that Fishticuffs had reached its at most penultimate form, in retrospect it is revealed that I was being arguably misleading. It has now reached what might not be its final form. It can be bought here. If the question is one of whether or not there will be future updates to this game, I am no gambling man, but if I were I would probably bet against it.

The Game of Fishing is not the beginning and end of my list of projects for the past year. Indeed, it turns out I have made five games. Here's a montage:

What's up next? A bit of Omnigon, and then depending on how much attention that gets, possibly a bunch of small games. If no other path to profit reveals itself then my aim will be to release three paid games to steam over the year.


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