So sayeth Yokcos:

Fishticuffs now

By "now" I mean on the 21st of December and for a small fee.

[ Here it is on Steam, | Here's its page ]

Here's a trailer:

As the astute among you may observe, as well as those of you capable of scrolling down a bit, this is no more than an expanded version of Fisherman's Peril from February. Your observations are completely correct of course. These months I have spent in the concentrated game development chamber, polishing and inflating Fisherman's Peril into its final form, Fishticuffs. And now I emerge from my cave to let my shiny new videogame go free into a world apparently plagueridden.

Notable additions include a threefold length increase, a bunch more items and fish, a shop and a hammerhead shark with a literal hammer for a head.


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