So sayeth Yokcos:

Two new games, and an additional game

Some Crates

is a game I made last month, a game in which you play as a crate upon a conveyer belt of doom, leading you away from shurikens (also of doom), into other shurikens (that are of doom). The situation is difficultified by an armada of crates (mostly not of doom) that rain from above, some of which produce explosions (of fiery doom), and some of which bear spikes (of death). Survive as long as you can, and as long as you dare in this dire room of doom.

You can download this game yonder

I also made a youtube video about it:

Fisherman's Peril

is a bullet hell fishing roguelite. You take your hook into the dire and deadly depths (of doom), dodging bullets brought about by boistrous beasties. Enjoy a rich palette of TWO levels, both filled to the brim with oceanic treasures and aquatic creatures. I implore you to give it a go,

A task that can be attempted through this page

and I made a youtube video about this one too:

Cloak and Dasher

is a videogame that I did not make, but I did the art for, and it is available for purchase over here, where you can exchange articles of currency for hundreds or thousands or hundreds of thousands of copies.

Over the coming month I have to make an update for Snackquisition, a story that remains partially unforgotten by its creator. Perhaps I will also develop all or part of a game, be it Clouthook or some other game.


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