So sayeth Yokcos:

Clouthook has a level editor

Clouthook now has an Editor of Levels, which will hopefully make making levels easier for me, and also for anyone else who happens to want to build platformer levels without first building a platformer. Behold:

Next week

I will likely have less than average time over the coming week but I intend to add more options to the level editor, spice up the menu from which levels are chosen (which is currently so shitty that to witness a screenshot of it turns a man to stone), and make some more levels, of which I only have one right now. Two of those goals are as vague and wispy as a squid ghost, but I do specifically want to make a little wee tooltip popup dealio when you hover over a level about to select it, which shows your stats on that level: best time, total deaths, et cetera. Other than "tens of levels" and "any sound at all" it's not entirely clear what this videogame needs to reach completion. I guess what I'll do is add them stats, then add some deployable decor to the level editor and make some levels in either order.


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