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Clouthook now

tl;dr: new game here.

what is this cool and new videogame?

it is Clouthook. it is also a platformer in which you are armed with a reverse grappling hook, which gives you the revolutionary ability to reverse grapple. thusfar there are 4(?) levels, and their difficulty I hope can be accurately described as escalating. I plan to octuple the size of this game then release it on Steam and such to one or more standing ovations. I also plan to, beyond the first world (which is what's in the demo up there), avoid normalcy as though it were some kind of plagueridden leper with omega measles. so many times I see a platformer do the grass world -> desert world -> ice world -> fire world thing. mates, there are more concepts than that. how about a black hole world or something, I'm sure someone could get some spice out of that.

what happened to no pain no grain?

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good question.

it was poorly thought out: I and all others on this Earth were thrilled and besides ourselves with the fact that this was a bullet hell farming game, a notion none of us had considered prior. but inadequate thought had been given to how this would work. What I thought was the best way to set it up, and what I still think is such, is to have the plants you deploy be the things that shoot at you. However the meat of the game was structured almost as if the enemies were things that jumped out at you, or that were already present, as in most videogames. The ability to wholly determine the composition of enemies you will be standing against is as interesting albeit less spectacular idea than the whole "bullet hell farming game" thing itself, and requires more thought than I had put into it.

it was poorly made: I did not and do not have the competence yet to actually manufacture a game of this complexity. A regular mistake was making things assume the state of the world when they really should be able to function in any situation. And so if I went to change vast swathes of how the game worked, as needed doing semi-frequently, I'd be given trouble by all these different aspects of the game breaking because the rest of the world is not as they assume it to be. It's like a chair that only works if it's next to a table, and if the table is removed the chair turns into a pile of serpents. Clouthook isn't as complex and I've improved in the time since, so it's looking more likely to actually get made than NPNG.

it's no longer unique: shortly after I started making NPNG, which hadn't been named yet, I heard about Atomicrops, which hadn't been named yet. no problem, I said 2.5 years ago at the time, I'll just finish this game real quickly and release first and all of the handstanding ovations will be mine. I then later was alerted to Dark Soil, which I daresay has a better name than NPNG. My point is that merely being a combat farming game seems that it will soon not be enough to gather attention, and so off I go to try and fail to identify greener pastures.

maybe I'll try making it again (again (again)) at a later date, but different this time.

what's the story of this game

the king has been kingnapped. go rescue him.


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