So sayeth Yokcos:

Final Woodbound demo

tl;dr: new demo here. Again. also I made a puzzle game. Check a look if you like.

Heck it's been a while innit? I've been on hands and knees furiously polishing this videogame No Pain No Grain like there's no tomorrow. Then it was revealed to me that there was in fact a tomorrow, but the polishing, it continued. There are also new plants in this version. And there is still an ending, that hasn't been removed. Play it, and behold my glorious 5/10 UI! Be consumed by your own hubris and plant more flora than you can safely challenge! Because I assure you, you will do that! What else, what else... ah yes, be amazed at cool and new particle effects and all that jizz!

Aight I'm out I'm gonna go yell about this game from some local rooftops and think about what I'm gonna put in the next area, later nerds.


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