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What the game is

It's a spectacular bullet hell shmup in which you may only reload by transforming into a different ship, being given a new weapon selected at random. Sometimes the weapon you receive will have any number of weapon mods attached. You could, instead of an Octagun, get a Giant Octagun, a Triple Octagun or a Giant Triple Penetrating Hyper Clearing Octagun. Accounting for this, the weapon count is over 2,000. Upgrades are also available throughout the game which increase your rate of fire, HP, ammo capacity, etc.
Your opposition takes the form of a number of waves of enemies, each designed as a self-contained little challenge. Each wave is chosen at random, so you won't be able to predict what comes next, thus the game is endlessly replayable.




Release date

30th of September 2016


$4.99 USD


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