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Greenlight O!...ver? Over?. Yes, over.

Got greenlit. Done with that. Release is next.

Got a few things to do first, though. First and foremost is three large pieces of art for backgrounds, one for the secret ending, one for the opening animation and one for the final level. I consider this the most important thing at the moment because it has the most obvious effect, turning a once dull situation into something beautiful and rich with narrative. Possibly. I might just be talking out of my butt here.

I have added a hammer that explodes into lightning though, so I think I know what I'm talking about.

Let's see, what else?

Well, the final level and boss in general need a bit of the old spit and polish. The secret ending isn't even a thing yet so I should probably do that. Final level is really anticlimactic. Instead of thousands of enemies, there's just a few big ones at the moment. Boring! One wave literally has just one enemy! Why?! What was I thinking?! Nay, there must be SWARMS of ships coming to stop you! It's the only waaaaaaaay!

And a homing laser vacuum sword sword gun, a gun that shoots a sword that shoots smaller swords that shoot lasers (and the large sword also sucks in enemy bullets and makes them friendly)

Greenlight ho!

Soon I will be making public the Greenlight page for Desperate Times, which is weird because according to this very log, I've only just started development. "Who's this jerk", you may say in an accusatory manner, "who thinks he can spam Steam's prestigious storefront with his half-cooked shite?" Fret not, Desperate Times is a game which has been well cooked and is due to have some quality condiments applied to it prior to release. For instance, here is something that could loosely be called a trailer:

Anyhoo, feel free to go give it a bit of a vote if you don't mind and I'll sit here throwing gifs at the screen for a while.