Go to the homeland of the dragons.

You are told that you are headed for the city Bloodspyre to talk with various authoritypeople about the plans to destroy opposing nations. The journey across half the continent takes several days so you have to amuse yourself by sleeping or throwing heartbombs at the settlements below or jumping down and trying to catch up with the dragon again. You get bored easily and don't have much patience. I'm sure it would have been interesting to see but you can't dally watching all these antics! You've got a war to fight! You think. You're not fully sure what's going on and why, you just know that you get to whoop some butts.

You are told that the city is rife with dragon nests and that wizards learned to put up with them when they realised that they were hard to get rid of, and that they could be ridden when they grew up. You're completely fascinated by this enthralling tale. You consider for a moment the profound morals presented by such a fable.

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