Diamond: Turn head upside down, pretend to be Diamond

"bluh bluh look at me I am so big and strong and am the only one who thinks of bringing tanks with them everywhere they go"

You (the lass, not the diamond man) have begun on your epic quest to exact revenge on whomever gave your father what turned out to be an easily healed minor injury. But you quickly realised that this quest will not be as easy as finding some fools and punching them. Punching them, this is easy. You can levitate yourself a little (a little very tiny bit) so you have the edge in unarmed combat, even over trained military personnel. This is what you tell yourself as you envision punching aforementioned fools. No, what is hard is finding aforementioned fools. You don't have any idea that the person who shot your father's dragon is Franz Featguy, nor do you know that he's arriving in his homeland in a continent southward. Recognising how void you are of the relevant information you decide instead to deliver the package your father was carrying. To the king. He's rumoured to be able to see through time itself so maybe he can witness the attempted murder and successful inconvenience first hand. Or maybe, being the king of a powerful nation, he simply knows who would be likely to shoot dragons.

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