The only solution is fighting fire with fire. Heart Guy, roast Heat Guy figuratively.

"Your town? Who even are you? Heat Guy? Your parents must have had the imagination of a grain of sand! Ironic, isn't it, that the Guy of Heat would be the one to receive the verbal firestorm. And no doubt you'll not withstand, loss and you go hand in hand. It's too hot my man, get out of the kitchen lest your face need some stitchin' Were you shakin' and twitchin' under desk while I was savin' your butt from a fiery bewitchin'?
You're not a hero despite that cape you wear, you're done, get out of our hair. (of which you have none on your head) Battle no more, go flip burgers instead. I've seen it, at the end of this you're gonna be-"
You continue like this far longer than anyone in your presence is comfortable with.

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Let's switch back to Spade Guy, shall we?