I'm back! It's me, look I'm talking in bold to indicate a different narrator even though I'm the original one!


I hope you've kept the place nice and orderly, I see you gave a recap, good good. But wait, what is this I see here?

You were talking about Heatguy? Land sakes, man! I gave you one golden rule: Don't focus on Heatguy!

But the audience asked for it..

You don't always do what they say when it comes to you, do you? Why not look at a rock or something and go "hey look at this it's something way more interesting than heat man okay let's move on" kind of thing

But he's right next to Hearts, I can't mention one without the other.

Can't mention one without... yeah alright I buy that now. But no Heatguy in the next intermission alright? Well you won't be able to because.. don't look into the past at Heatguy during the next intermission, aight? Capisce?

Yeah yeah you lousy excuse for a wordman.

Excellent! Let's get this show on the road, we've spent a full thirty seconds lounging about in your lame little house!

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Look into the future at Heatguy during the next intermission.