Show us a table of all Card Themed Maneuvers

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Show us a table of all Card Themed Maneuvers currently discovered, their effects, and their recharge times. It should be a 4 * 13 table with a couple other Rare Maneuvers to the side with 2 Jokers, an Instruction Card, and whatever other crap you want to put there.

There are only these nineteen maneuvers that you know of.

The 2s, 8s, Qs and Ks are all fairly common abilities. The As seem to be unique to the four of you (although clubs can't to the Ace Of Clubs maneuver)

3s to 7s and 9s to Js, as well as SPECIAL CARDS are maneuvers used through physical cards. Usually the card will be lost immediately on use. They do various things, but since there's only one instance of each card (except jokers) you're not likely to get your hands on any of them (except the JOKER and RULES CARD). As a result you have no idea what most of them do.

AH: Kill all enemies in a large radius, ~3 weeks.

2H: Two heart bombs, 0.

8H: +4 clones of all allies, ~2 days.

QH: Summon a giant face-hugging spider, ~14 minutes.

KH: Summon antideath, who is capable of resurrecting the dead, ~14 weeks, 2 days.

AD: Explode in a supernova. No self damage, ~1,000,000 years.

2D: Shoot some lightning, 0.

8D: Explode the head of a stick figure, varies.

QD: Summon the Grim Reaper, ~1 year.

KD: Summon a swarm of flies that are capable of grabbing bullets out of the air, ~15 seconds.

AC: Unknown.

2C: Slap someone about with a tentacle, 0.

8C: Do the moonwalk for a minute, 59 seconds.

QC: Summon Cthulhu, INFINITE.

KC: Summon ZhubreGnaut, 666 weeks.

AS: Teleport yourself and an enemy to a random planet, ~14.1 weeks.

2S: chuck a skull at someone (if you have a skull lying around), 0.

8S: Blow up your own head, 13 minutes and 20 seconds.

QS: Summon a skeleton to fight alongside you, 0 (but summoning one skeleton kills the previous one).

KS: Summon a golem to block incoming fire, 0 (but you can only summon one once the previous one is dead).

JOKER: Swaps itself with a random other playing card.

RULES/INSTRUCTIONS CARD: Reveals the abilities of all nearby enemies. Using this card gives it to the nearest enemy.

[-] Roytheshort suggested:

Maybe there's a secret 5th suit that we don't know about?

Wouldn't count on it.

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