You have met these four adversaries before.

Their leader has a black hole for a head. As you might expect, he has an IMMENSE gravitational field. He also sometimes shoots black holes from his face which messes with everyone's sense of direction, including his allies. Not much to be done about this bastard; best to eliminate his teammates first.

The team's muscle has a cloud for a head. He's got lightning skills that would make Thor himself jealous. He was the world champion in lightning basketball for a while. He must die first.

Their fodder is the one with the thing that looks like a gear for a face. You never knew what that was. What a stupid hat. You all agree that you hate that hat and the person to which it belongs. Stupid poopy hat.

The fellow in the rice hat hasn't actually contributed to any fight at any point. He usually just sits on the outskirts of the battlefield doing absolutely nothing. Which obviously means that he has some kind of legendary unstoppable attack that he's hiding from you and saving for a special occasion. He seems to be a moron. You want to keep an eye on him to make sure he doesn't try anything fishy but he's not worth more than that.

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