Realise that you are in a delirious state conjured by your mind.

[-] Minecraft Zerneas suggested:

Realise that you are in a delirious state conjured by your mind.

Ah, yes, you must be hallucinating. None of this is happening. At least you hope it's not... But what if it is? You probably shouldn't risk doing something stupid.. You just need to act like any sane individual would.



[-] tmarks11 suggested:

Do a stupid dance to waste time.

Is this silly enough for you?

[-] Star Dust suggested:

Realize your sheer girt thing has been broken ever since you stabbed yourself with the clock hand

Yeah, this isn't good. The SGTT is really unpredictable when something like this happens and you have no idea what could happen while it's in this state. You hope it's not permanent.

[-] TERMIN8R suggested:

Take some horse viagra, scare off the clock

[-] ShaadowMaaster suggested:

Mentally scar him by discarding protective gear.

He's seen worse.

[-] eerr suggested:

Make a clock face out of confusion!

[-] Star Dust suggested:

Attempt to perform a Jedi mind trick on your captor

You do a Jedi mind trick, whatever that is.

"You are not taking me to some random church."

"I am not taking you to some random church."

"Why aren't you letting me go?"

"I'm taking you to the Church of M"

Although Star Wars doesn't exist in your universe and so it's not a concept you're familiar with, you're still pretty sure that's not what a mind trick is supposed to do.



[-] Oh Hey, I'm Alive suggested:

Attempt to distract the clock with friendly banter.