George Von Spaghettishirt

You name the hero George Von Spaghettishirt. A mysterious man who travels the land, attacking fiends and overthrowing evil. He truly is a majestic human being. Unfortunately, you're not him. You're some loser trapped in your own house.

What's your name?

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Michael Gove


[-] 2Create suggested:

Mr. Loser: check tableclock.

[-] Kousenai suggested:

Mr. Loser: make coffee.

[-] Laura suggested:

Mr. Firstname Loser: waddle back and forth. You're still tied up.

[-] 2Create suggested:

Name: Some Loser.

[-] GV suggested:

Your name is your name.

"your" is the first name, "name" is the last name.

[-] Law suggested:

Michael Gove

[-] GV suggested:

a sensible name

[-] Kepons suggested:

Leonardo Picasso

[-] 2Create suggested:

Hannas Gweigu