So sayeth Yokcos:

Simplifying things for the sake of time

So originally I had intended the handful of areas in the game to work like this:

Where within each series, if you harvest one plant you get the seed for the next; and to move from one series to the next you usually have to do some puzzle like luring a bear into a venus bear trap. This graph doesn't represent physical routes through the world, rather different methods of getting out of the area and into the next; the location in which you harvest these plants is irrelevant. Although some of them may only be plantable in certain places... Anyway this strikes me as something that is interesting, but which can be simplified for the sake of time:

With this more linear, simple, and frankly worse model, I can finish up areas of the game in a timely fashion and actually release the damn game before the heat death of the universe. Plus, if I end up with more time on my hands than expected, I can expand it out to have multiple routes as originally planned.

I also added a boss, the Deadly Nightshade: This bad boy caps off the Woodbound of the Lilac, the first area of the game, and its defeat will open up the next area. As such it will stand at the end of all three of the incoming Woodbound demo


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