So sayeth Yokcos:

Omnigon now

behold the extremely rare and dangerous YOKCOS.CO.UK POST ooo000OOO000ooo000OOO000ooo!!! Omnigon is here, it's a game where you have the ability to shapeshift other objects. Which I have learned is a pretty good setup for any number of jokes. It's intended to eventually become a small and silly game that should take something like 60-90 minutes to complete. hopefully if you play this game you will at some point exhale rapidly through your nose or chuckle politely or say "that was funny" or something to that effect.

An example of shapeshifting would be turning pots into.. well, into pots.

In Omnigon some of your upgrades come from hats. behold this simple health-upgrade hat

As this is meant to be a silly game rather than a hard one, most of the enemies are meant to be kind of trivial

although I'm not against a mean platforming challenge or two

while I started making this video-game the better part of a year ago I have been dual-wielding projects for most of that time, so it's been relatively slow going. still, I hope I can get this Omnigon game done and dusted by the end of august kind of time

thank you for beholding my post about my video-game


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