So sayeth Yokcos:

Woodbound demo 2 of 3

tl;dr: new demo here

Like a professional trophy cleaner I have held a cloth in one hand, cleany sprayey stuff in the other hand, and delivered unto my prey a polishing the likes of which man has never known, and will never know again. But today I polish not trophies but videogames. By which I mean only one videogame.

There is now a sandwichtable of sound effects and additional particle effects in the game. As well as an upgraded version of the tutorial book, the Botanomicon, and a souped up options menu. It should be even more enjoyable to play than the previous demo.

On a semi-related note, is "demo" a good word for these? They're early builds of the videogame from before most of the content is added in the future. I'd call them "prototypes" but it seems further along than that. Anyone got a good word, hit me up on twitter at yokcos700 or wherever else you can get a hold of me. Next demonstration, the final woodbound demo, will feature more plants, more items, more stuff, filling out the first area of the game nicely

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